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about us
about us

Canopy Design studio started out in 1999 by providing below-the-line (BTL) creative services to companies in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. Being close to a two-decade old veteran in the design field with some of the world’s most prestigious brands in our portfolio, nothing much has changed except that we are stronger and better than before.


Our belief has always stayed the same - we are committed to bring our clients and their consumers closer to one another.


With the notion of nothing is too big - or too small - for us, we are dedicated and capable to bust design conventions with our imaginative and expressive ideas and to deliver high-quality design works that meet the needs of our clients (locally and regionally).





Our insatiable appetite for innovative designs fuels our desire to inject creativity to every job to make each of them truly unique and special.


We speak to our clients and listen to their needs. By knowing them better, we are able to deliver customised creative works in a timely and

efficient manner.

We do not follow the norm.

We believe that creativity should constantly be challenged to generate high-quality works.

yearn to learn

We are always learning and we will never stop improving. With our minds constantly clouded with “how” and “why”, we regularly experiment with novel art techniques to ensure that we are always ahead in the design game.


Our creative works span across a broad range of industries including corporate, FMCG, health, leisure sports and technology. Every job has their own story to tell and

we believe in bringing the best out of each of them. Here are just some of the creative works (local and regional) that we have poured our hearts and creative juices into.

the team

We are a small and nimble agency that delivers on efficiency and quality.


Our creative team comprises of highly passionate individuals with different creative skill sets that complement one another. Even though we come from different backgrounds, our common obsession for creativity binds us together and inspires us on a daily basis.


To ensure that we build genuine and long-lasting relationships with our clients, a key and essential step that we have taken

as a company is to connect our creative designers directly to the clients. By eliminating the “middle-man”, this helps our creative team better understand our clients and their marketing efforts and overall, this also leads to a more efficient turnaround time.


16 Jalan Kilang Timor

#07-01 Redhill Forum

Singapore 159308


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